Bongs, Edibles, or Joints: Which Is the Most Effective Way to Consume Cannabis?

Marijuana and its active ingredients are available in various types and strengths. They can impact people differently, regardless of whether you’re just beginning to use or an experienced user.

People use cannabis in various ways. Specific techniques are used for medical marijuana, while others are primarily utilized to relax.

Effective Ways to Consume Cannabis

What is the most effective method to take cannabis in the present time with numerous options and advances? In reality, there isn’t any correct answer. Cannabis is a unique way to affect each individual’s body. Here are a few of the best ways you might want to test:


Using a bong or a joint and inhaling smoke are the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Another method for smoking marijuana is to smoke a blunt, hollowed-out cigar containing tobacco and marijuana.

The mini bongs shaped like pipes, also known as “bubblers,” are employed by some people to smoke pot. Furthermore, hookah was one of the first methods of smoking marijuana and other drugs and is still in high demand today. You can check this page to explore marijuana accessories that you can try. 


Vaporizing marijuana is a new method of inhaling the drug. The use of vaporizers can raise the temperature of marijuana until it is just below the point where it begins to burn. The active ingredients can be taken orally in a vapor rather than smoking less harmful smoke.

Around 95 percent of the smoke inhaled when smoking marijuana has been reported to be eliminated by using a vape. It also brings a substantial decrease in the smell, which is often one of the things people talk about concerning vaporizers when using them the first time. A licensed cannabis dispensary Brampton already offers various vaporizers that you can try.


Baking, cooking, or mixing it with food can result in an array of products taken by mouth or as capsules made from oil extracted from marijuana plants. Inhaling or eating edibles instead of smoking cannabis is the most secure method for marijuana consumption. Cannabis products Brampton Ontario like cakes, pastries, gummy bears, and granola bars with marijuana are available in states where recreational marijuana is legal.


The consumption of marijuana progressively replaces edibles as a preferred method to get high. Marijuana drinks aren’t just safer than smoking marijuana. However, they are additionally more comfortable to consume. Further, marijuana drinks are not characterized by an odor or flavor as strong as other food items.

The chemistry involved in altering the cannabinoids that infuse the beverage is key to the effectiveness of cannabis drinks. The fats found in milk and the pulp found in lemonades are needed to effectively bond the cannabinoids to ensure you can get the dose each time you drink infused milk or cream.

Topical Methods

Finally, if you’re seeking the therapeutic benefits of marijuana but don’t want to purchase high, cannabis topicals are the most suitable option for you. Cannabis oil is used in topical products, including ointments and lotion, cream for the face, or lip balms.

Sore muscles can be eased by applying the oil to the skin absorbed in the body. It is typical for marijuana-based topical products to be utilized only for therapeutic purposes because they do not give the user a high.

The Takeaway

There are numerous ways to use marijuana. The way you decide to consume it is dependent on you. Keep in mind that each person’s experience of it will be different. It all boils down to personal preferences.