About Us

Alberta Arts Feds strives to be the most reliable product recommendation agency on the internet. We obsessively examine and report on a large number of items annually to urge the very best of everything. Our purpose is to help save you time and remove the stress of searching for amazing content if you’re searching for regular news or trending problems. We operate with complete editorial independence. This signifies nothing appears on the website for a recommendation unless our authors and editors have deemed it the very best during our strict reporting and analysis.

Our testimonials take months or weeks of study and years of expertise. Besides relying on our own experience, we collect interviews and information from the best resources around, such as engineers, scientists, designers, and also countless subject-matter specialists, which range from barbers to kitty café staff (and taxpayers ) to cornhole winners. And we saliva over client testimonials to learn what things to real men and women who own and use what exactly we are assessing. In a universe where overpriced, top-notch models packed with crap features are usually regarded as the golden standard, we plan to urge high-quality items that justify their cost and do not push additional features you’ll barely use.

The main matter to us is reader trust. When we were to advocate something because of prejudice or laziness, readers would not encourage our work. Besides, we encourage viewers to fact-check our pieces, which closely summarize the moment, logic, and energy we’ve spent exploring, interviewing experts, and analyzing equipment. Many times, this requires dozens–sometimes even tens of thousands –of hours. Each manual clearly lays out all of the signs for how we left our selections so that you may judge for yourself.