Pipe Upkeep: Instructions for Maintaining Your Glass Bong

The resin from marijuana builds up over time in a bong, and a glass water pipe is used to inhale the smoke. The glass surfaces are left with a sticky film as a result. The bong will be useless if the gummy buildup ever gets too thick. In addition to reducing the cannabis’s flavor, it makes the water look and taste different. The quality of your cannabis smoking experience can be greatly improved by following the steps summarized in this article to ensure that your smoking gear is always clean, functional, and has a pleasant flavor.

Remove the bowl and stem.

Put your weed in Niagara Falls inside a bowl, and then put the stem in your mouth. With this piece detached, cleaning the bong is a breeze. Be careful not to spill water into the bowl when filling the bong.

Empty the old water.

If you use a bong, you should not flush the water down the toilet or sink because of the resins and tars it contains. The best approach to dispose of it is to pour it into a sealed trash bag or container. However, you should not water plants with bong water. Plants will suffer the same fate as you if you expose them to potentially harmful germs and mold.

Place the bong in a zip-top bag.

The mess can probably be contained in a gallon-sized bag. You can do the following in a trash bag or even over the sink if you don’t have a bag with a zipper. The bong resin could potentially stick to the inside of your sink, so be careful.

Fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol should be added to the bong. Fill the bong with 16 ounces of liquid, or about three-quarters full. You should use isopropyl alcohol meant for cleaning bongs instead. There are natural alternatives to isopropyl alcohol, such as vinegar and baking soda.

Fill the bong halfway with salt.

It is easier to brush away the resin from the bong’s interior with the help of this salt. The alcohol does a decent job of removing debris, but the salt is necessary to clean the bong’s walls. Use an appropriate amount to ensure the salt scours away the resin.

Shake the bag.

It’s best to keep the bag closed and shake the alcohol and salt mixture inside the bong to prevent a mess. For optimal use of a percolator bong, fill all the chambers. Turning the bong upside down can help the smoke reach all corners. There are multiple online weed delivery ordering services that also ship out bongs. Take advantage of them.

Allow 30 minutes for it to soak. 

Wait about half an hour for the bong’s alcoholic concoction to settle. Soaking the bong in alcohol before cleaning increases the effectiveness of the alcohol, albeit it is not always necessary, depending on how dirty you allow the bong becomes.


Take the bong apart and throw away the bag. The bag is useful because it may be used to easily contain and dispose of used bong water. The resin in the drain will no longer be a problem after this.

Rinse the bong with warm water and soap.

Due to the flammability of alcohol, it is best to empty the bong of salt and booze before each use. Use dishwashing soap and hot water to wash away any residual grease on the glass.

Soak the bowl and stem in alcohol to clean them.

Use a pipe cleaner to clear any resin accumulated in the pipe stem. Before loading it with cannabis from a weed delivery service in Niagara Falls, give it a good rinsing with hot water and some time to dry.


Unlike tidying your room or doing the dishes, maintaining a clean glass pipe or bong is an absolute need. A dirty pipe is unpleasant to look at and could contaminate your smoke with tar or alter the flavor of your tobacco. You can’t enjoy the full range of flavors that cannabis has to offer if you’re always tasting stale bong water instead of your smoke.